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Proper Cleaning and Caring for Your Sex Toys

Posted by on May 14, 2017 in Sex Toy Facts | 1,001 comments

Enjoying the pleasure of your sex toys is much more beneficial when you are practicing the right way of cleaning them. These toys are very prone to bacteria, not just with ones that are coming from your own sex organ, but with outside bacteria that are actually harmful to the good bacteria most especially found with a woman’s vagina. It is always important to keep the hygienic treatment and storage for your sex toys for you to enjoy its benefits for long term use. The following will teach you how to.

When your sex toy is made of:

Glass, steel, wood, or silicone- The best way for you to clean sex toys made from these types of materials is to have it cleaned with the use of water, mild and hypoallergenic soap, dry it with use of clean and soft cloth that will never leave scratches and marks on it.

Pyrex, stone, steels that are non-motorized- proper cleaning of sex toys with the given materials is through have it boiled with duration of 8 to 10 minutes. You may also run the device with dishwasher but never use soap for it. It is also important for you to steam it up for deep sterilization.

Cyber skin- this material is quite sensitive for you to use harsh soaps and clothes, so better just wash it with milder soap and soft cloth for you not to damage your device.

Hard Plastics- This is one of the most materials that are in need of thorough cleaning because these are porous and are very prone to bacterial penetration and buildups. Many cases of sexually transmitted diseases were spread with the use of unclean sex toys that are made with these types of materials. The best way for you to do when you are to use this kinds of products is to cover it with a condom first so that this will never spread any left bacteria on the toy.

When you already sure that your sex toy is already squeaky clean, store it with proper storage container such as a sealed plastic, a box, or either a case if you purchased it with its own case. These tips are all applicable to both men and women who own sex toys. Hygiene is very important when it comes to private areas even if you are just having sex with your only partner.

There are also solutions made purposely to clean the different kinds of sex toys, so you better ask the store attendant upon purchase. It is better for you to buy online because you may ask the seller without the need of talking with them face to face. Also, ask for the disposable containers if available. This will give you a fresh container always after use so that you may prevent bacteria from spreading to your organs up to your entire body. Practice safe sex and proper hygiene with your sex toys; these are a must.

Basic facts about sex toys

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in News, Sex Toy Facts, Sex Toys |

    dolphin-g-spot-vibrators-vibration-and-rotationThere are many definitions of sex toys, and experts still haven’t found a consensual, uniformed phrase that describes these devices or objects. Although, most textbooks do agree on the idea that an adult toy is basically any object that is used to provide or enhance sexual pleasure, and several others claim that sex toys are anything that is used in some form of sex play but what is not a part of ones body. One way or the other, they are something that is becoming more and more popular, and with the rise of internet technologies and availability of online stores the market for adult entertainment is constantly growing.

Historically, sex toys go a long way back and the first ones were used even in Paleolithic era. The first written evidence of the existence and usage of this type of toys comes from ancient Greece where the first dildos were called olisbos. Other civilizations and ethnic groups have used various kinds of sexual enhancers in their intercourses, and majority of evidence comes from China, India or ancient Egypt.

Through the years adult toys have been developed and constantly upgraded. Originally used from materials that could be found in nature, like wood, stone, animal bone or horns, these days they are made from various hi-tech materials, such as Cyber Skin (thermal plastic), latex rubber and silicone.

There are 71dIMF1zFaL._SX425_also different types of sex toys, in terms of shapes and sizes, and they basically come in various colors, with various functions and various designs. Some people would say that it is hard to distinguish certain types of toys and draw a clear line between them (for example what is the difference between a dildo, a vibrator and a butt plug?) but generally they are divided in these groups:

  • Vibrators: electrically-powered toy with a motor that creates vibrations which are used to stimulate genitalia (anal vibrators, bullet vibrators, G-spot or rabbit vibrators)

  • Dildos
    : usually designed in the shape of a phallus and made out of silicon or glass this toy used for penetration only moves as much you move it yourself, since it doesn’t have any motor (standard, double penetration or strap-on dildo)
  • Anal toys: essentially dildos with a slight change in design which allows safe extraction of the toys from the anal cavity (anal beads; but plugs)
  • $T2eC16NHJIYFHOdqiF3eBSKP8Cb(IQ--60_35Penis rings: rings that are worn around the base of the penis to provide additional stimulation for the wearer (and also for the female partner if they are equipped with a vibrator for clitoral stimulation). Supposedly can enhance performance by prolonging erection.
  • Lubrication: very important for almost any type of penetrating sex toys, since they provide easier insertion and extraction of the object. They also make genitalia more sensitive and the whole experience much more comfortable.

There are of course many more different types of adult toys, but these are the most popular and the ones that people generally use the most. The whole industry is massive and it is estimated that only in US people spend over $15 billion per year on acquiring sex toys. The market is booming and since people are not likely to stop having sex in the near future (or ever!), it looks like more and toys are going to be used all over the world.